Rugby League Backs Program

Whether it’s the half, centres or back three, the modern game requires you to be strong fast and powerful time and time again. 

Speed and precision are vital, whether it’s the speed of foot or speed of thought, you need your body to have the right armour to take the hits and the athletic ability of a sprinter. Our Rugby League Backs Program is designed to build the capacity, strength and conditioning to help you achieve your best and more. 

TI Rugby programs are tailored to every level of an athlete no matter where you are in your rugby career.

We take care of your programming so you can get out on the field and do what you are good at!


You’ll receive a new varied program sent weekly, developed with our top-level athletes in mind

Strength & Capacity

Four sessions a week, including strength, power, pylometrics and recovery

Video Explanations

We provide video explanations of each exercise and workout

For Every Level of Athlete

Our programs are designed for every level of athlete

Injury Prevention

We provide detailed warm-ups, mobility as well as injury prevention exercsies

Full Support

You’ll receive full support and guidance from Chris and can access him any time.


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